What We Do...

  • Exports of the following products

    1. Surgical Instruments

      One of the most trusted exports from Pakistan is surgical instruments. A wide range of finest quality medical, surgical; dental, veterinary, and hospital instruments and equipment is produced on British Standards and under German and American specifications. Our production units are located in Sialkot, a city in Punjab, which is the seat of this industry and has attained a reputation internationally for quality and absolute guaranteed reliability. The Company also produces custom made instruments and implements of special design as per orders from international - local buyers.

    2. Sports Goods

      Sports and sporting activities are a popular national pastime. Our tradition in sports extends to the manufacture of the sports goods of the finest quality. Racquets, bats, and balls for badminton, tennis, squash, soccer, cricket, hockey, baseball, valley ball and billiard, snooker including many other games are produced on strictly international standards.

      Hockey sticks of mulberry wood have a worldwide reputation.Leather Gloves and sports garments, games and other sports accessories are exported to many countries and can be seen on the field in international sporting events.

      All these internationally acknowledged sports goods are manufactured in a small town called Sialkot. ME ensures close coordination with the manufacturers and have established infrastructure to support international orders meeting all quality standards.

    3. Handicrafts / Decoration Pieces / Furniture and Woodcraft

      The life so short, the craft so long to learn ... Hippocrates (5th century BC)

      Handicrafts from Pakistan are treasured for their unique tradition in craftsmanship. We take pride in creating handicrafts to decorate, accentuate and have a utility aspect as well.

      These are created from variety of materials, the most popular being vast variety of marble and onyx works, exquisitely designed carpets, intricate hand embroideries, unique wood engravings, lacquer work, bras and copper ware.

      Again such cultural heritage is clearly visible in skillfully crafted, beautifully designed crafts that have found their way into houses and establishments across the world.

      Furniture and wood works are produced from teak, shisham, mahogany, walnut and pine. Designs cover the gamut from modern, Italian to the traditional variety of engraved and lacquered finishes. Traditional furniture is popular locally as well as with international buyers. Particularly, noticeable is lacquered finish and brass done in variety of useful and decoration furniture and woodcraft.

    4. Apart from business transactions, the company is also interested in other forms of co-operation like acting as authorized representative / sole distributor of the branded products in Pakistan including economic and technical consultation services etc.

    5. FMCG Division

      Additionally, ME has also entered into Contractual Agreement with Al-Alameen Industries-Karachi, Pakistan for complete coordination & mutual cooperation in the manufacturer of high quality Soap and washing Detergent etc. that is The Business of Beauty & Wellbeing Making Lives Easier & More Beautiful. The business portfolio in this segment mainly consists of three elite brand names SkinCure, Premio and Faby.

      About Al-Alameen Industries
      In 1954 the soap business operations was started in a factory located at Karachi in the name & style to read as Al-Alameen Industries which excels in soap manufacturing with an experience of over 50 years. It has been constantly improving its systems and processes to meet the needs and preferences of its consumers over 5 decades. Great visionary like Shah Anwar-ul- Haque Faruqui has been part of this great legacy and on board with Milan Enterprises.

      • ‘ SkinCure™ ’- soap for every one

        This soap is manufactured with the introduction of a unique and specialized formula which is in line with the standard practice followed across all personal care products. As such, we have declared full ingredient listing on the pack and inside as well for benefit of the consumers.

        SkinCure soap is herbal and fragrance free which is especially dedicated to Hujjaz Ikram and Umrah Zaireen (pilgrims) so that it may be conveniently used under the condition of Ahraam beside the general normal use by every one. Thus it serves multiple benefits as a tonic for all human skins and fortified with the medical practitioners & skin specialists.

      • ‘ Premio™ ’- Transparent Soap

        As a result of continued efforts to develop a better formulation, we have been able to manufacture and introduce the new Premio Transparent Soap in domestic and global markets owing to its salient features described below:

        • The product is fortified with increased level of moisturizers i.e. a combination of polyethylene glycol, sorbitol, glycerin and propylene glycol.

        • The new ‘Premio’ indeed has come up with a new environmentally friendly formulation and process, maintaining close similarities but with additional features as compared to other soap makes of same category.

        • It is gluten free and dermatologist tested.

        • Premio soap brings to the consumer the same core qualities that meet with the prescribed standards of all personal care products world wide.

        • Complete list of potential allergens is declared on the pack for the benefit of the consumers.

        • ‘Premio’ is positioned on the affordable beauty platform and gives consumers the best quality product in the popular segment.

      • ‘ Faby™ ’- Body Wash

        ‘Faby™‘ was launched with an innovative concept of multi-packs i.e. four soaps in one pack, giving consumers best value for money, Faby beauty soap is available in variety of fragrances, colored rappers, and sizes as per the customer‘s need and orders on hand.

      • ‘ Peals™ ’

        Nuddles in the discounted segment offer to the value conscious consumers viable options and solutions for every day laundry wash.

    6. Industrial Division

      ME has positioned itself to support the growing industrial sector in Pakistan and with rich and diversified experience of the team in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Auto Industry and Oil Refining it is very well connected with the stake holders

      ME is currently associated with world leading industrial brands through distributing channel, intending and imports.

      Our Partners

      • Valvoline, a business of Ashland Inc., serves more than 100 countries worldwide and is a leading marketer, distributor and producer of quality branded automotive and industrial products and services.

      • Xianyang Bomco Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co., Ltd.,is a subsidiary of CPNC,

        It is the largest and most powerful r&d and manufacturing base of important usage wire rope in China,guide the development direction of oil drilling equipment in China.

    7. Scope of other business activities

      1. Handling material processing or manufacturing according to the designs, specifications or samples provided by customers.

      2. Undertaking import of technology, equipment and raw materials particularly used in automobile industry, co-production and joint ventures, and compensation trade.

      3. Apart from business transactions, the company is also interested in other forms of co-operation like acting as authorized representative / sole distributor of the branded products in Pakistan including economic and technical consultation services etc.