Our Strategy...

Vision and Mission

To establish and maintain leadership in a business, it is vital that the organization knows its mission and where it is heading. It is equally important that as a company we share the same vision, that it uses the same performance drivers and continuously improves competencies to better serve the Customers, the Industry, & the Country.

  • To make ME a Customer Focused Organization and becoming the most potent engineering , manufacturing & processing industry in Pakistan.

  • To provide on top of quality service / product at a realistic and most competitive price.

  • To accept customer perception as real and to engineer products to cater to their needs in an agile and diligent manner.

  • To constantly endeavor at creating modern solutions for effecting rapid deliverance without sacrificing quality or customer interest.

  • To be honest and forthright in treating all as family members of ME, enabling them to live productive, respectful and happy lives.

  • To have strong faith and belief in the almighty, that he would reward honest and diligent endeavor and will bless all those who work for the company.

  • By virtue of above, we believe ME to emerge and be Leader in following the concept of Industrial Democracy.

Business Ethics

ME demands honesty and integrity in all parts of its activities and expects the same from all parties with whom organization has any business relationship - consignees, suppliers, agents, etc.

Our Values

  • Integrity: “We do what we say”
  • Teamwork: “Collaboration makes us strong”
  • Passion: “Commitment with hearts & minds”
  • Leadership: “Inspiring towards a better future”
  • Excellence: “Deliver the best”
  • Responsible: “Towards business as well as society”
  • Learning: “For continuous improvement”

Code Of Conduct

For a company of our size and stature, to be consistently successful, it is vital that the organization, and every single employee in the performance of his/her duties, is seen and perceived as economically, socially and ethically responsible.

This is the only way to ensure lasting, positive and acceptable, financial and social development.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Responsibility Towards Clients Client‘s satisfaction is the key to elaborating asset of clientele by means of research and development so as to provide best of the best service package and solutions pertaining;

    • Optimal Quality
    • Safety in Transition
    • Compliance of Commitments

  • Reponsibility Towards Employees / Customers
    We believe on that the human rescue is the muscle of enterprise. We emphasize consecutive development of quality of work, heaping potentials and strengthen loyalty towards enterprise. This is why we provide highly professional milieu and adopt growth oriented approaches.

    Increasing economic activity in the region calls for modern logistical processes. ME anticipates unforeseen circumstances to come-up with fastest possible tailor-made solutions for every project we undertake. Success of our team lies on our relationships & open communications with our customers. Higher quality demands, growing trend of outsourcing, and rapid developments in information technology lead to supply chain integration and ME has a team of experienced professionals eager to get the job done.